Campus craze

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Here I am, in my last stretch of the 8-4-4. University is what they call it. Favoured as I am, I have landed in the best university in Kenya according to my view (I know some ISO reports will back me up on this case), Kenyatta University.  Thrilled I must admit I am at the vicinity, the scrapers I longed to see when I was in my village’s  cocoon. All is well, all is well, I thank God.

Pious as I was, well I still am, I have one problem – fitting in. In the universality of the institute, ideologies are different. I am often bombarded by a myriad of obscenity as I walk out of my Usambara mansion, so strategically placed within good view of  the campus fellows.

I am allowed to boast only that I know God and He in me. Let me bring you closer home, I was a union leader in the Christian community of my high-school, a teen leader in my home church, having done much in the house of the father. A stable Christian I may say I am. Nothing can move me, at least that I am sure of.

I heard of the Christian union, SDA society, YCS, Navigators, journey believers love world  and the renown redemption and holiness church. Well I only heard of them, I have no idea where they are or what they do, all I know is that they serve God. Well, I don’t have to attend any, do I? No one knows me in this section place amidst this human sea.


As the days go by, I question my morality and integrity, everyone seems to know the God  I know and still do what I think He wouldn’t subscribe to. Am I to conform or be renewed??  Well I think I am already renewed in mind, because I have seen what I have not seen before.  Where exactly  do I belong??

There are many places and things to do but two questions linger in my mind:

Who is He and where is He in Kenyatta University?



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