Price Tag

Human Price Tag
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Price tag – that’s all we’re portrayed to be. The perspective people have of others on the basis of what you have… Not necessarily what you own.


So yesterday I decided to visit a friend at kahawa, like every other Matatu on Thika road I had the luck (whether good or bad, I’m not sure)  of boarding one of those lord knows who made them or why they have a licence on them matatus. Like you’d probably guess, it’s was a 18 sitter – excluding the half as out mat conductor, so twas not unusual for this skinny nigga to sit between (yes, literally) these two wide hipped beauties on the back sit…with one of them giving me a what the fuck look. (Where are the feminists? ?)

Some of you might know I’m much into technology – Android systems included. I’m actually writing this piece on an Note 3. See that look you have on you?  That’s the same look the lady had once I chucked this phone from my pocket. The same look many people have when on a crowded place, a not so classy human being walks up to them and has guts to say a mere hi with a tablet on their hands – no?  Exactly, they’ll have a more welcoming statement,  like have a seat and please…the next round is on you and from now on,  you are the most interesting being up in this hood. Okay,  perhaps I’ve overdone  it,  but you get my point.

As much as I support tech advancement,  I’m not for the idea of judging people according to the gadget they have,  because it’s no different from asking them to publicly display their bank account balances. (P. S do not ask for mine.?) I’d want a situation where you commend me for how well my English is,  or how well those khaki pants complement my whole official look I’d always wanted to pull off. (I can’t say much about muscled people coz well, I’m sure that usually speaks for itself.  Literally.)

Back to my story,  this lady goes an extra mile and creates more space for me to properly sit down. I take this as a cue to spark a conversation which to my surprise was quite interesting though short-lived. I’m not big on asking for random lady’s numbers but just invade she ends up reading this,  hope you found an awesome apartment for the semester. You could invite me over for lunch sometime too ?.

Pete out.


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