Save Us Your Intolerable ‘Moshene’- KU Ladies

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Now that school resumes, these ladies wont give us peace of mind . Fully armed with the ‘cock and bull’ tales of how eventful their holiday turned out to be, nothing will deter them from disrupting the serenity offered by the geographical setting of this high profile institution. Unlike the nurses who administer dosages as prescribed by the doctor, these shenanigans will administer gossip and ‘moshene’ prescribed by themselves. What makes them think that they have the best of experiences to narrate to others? If anything, cheap liquor and entangled net of dead hair(weaves) hanging on their heads isn’t appealing to the ears at all.

If you happen to give them a hearing, well, you wont be any far from the inference that KU has turned to be a moshene den, where it is served while it’s still hot by proficient rumormongers masquerading as students.

Before you drag me to the gallows, allow me to pump sense in your big heads. Apparently, even the moshene in this case is supported by miniature selfie photos taken at an entertainment joint courtesy of a sponsor who ardently pulled you over for some obvious reasons- that you hardly want to share with others. Why tell us how excruciating the experience at the club was, when even your dignity was drained after the experience and you barely want to admit it?

You can have my kidney for your dinner if you wish, but not until am through with you. Your boyfriend bought you a phone, so what? In any case, you should be worried as much as I am- that a big girl with defined trajectories all over her physique can hardly raise money for such petty needs. No wonder he takes advantage of your poor state and chips fungas you. When will you shut your big mouth up and for a moment think about what you can do for your self to at least save the remaining you.

You have a new mini skirt? Save it! You can go to hell. Should you say anything, let it be of relevance to the ambiance of higher education. Now you can skin me alive.

#Now you know.


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