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“I don’t do politics,” Why lie? Politics affects every person in their daily life. Mark you, government is built by politics. “I don’t do politics” sounds like “In don’t pay taxes”. Dear reader, this post is not about Raila Odinga or Uhuru Kenyatta. Neither is it about Electronic nor Manual back up of the voting system. Again, it is about YOU. Not only as a reader or a browser but as a voter. I am no prophet neither am I a novice in this country, but I can tell you with a lot confidence and firmness that some of the striking staff currently, did not vote. Instead of “my dress, my choice” let our maxim be “my vote, my choice”. Surprisingly, Kenyans only understand, “my vote, my tribe.” For what benefit is it to a country to vote for politicians who are not leaders instead of leaders who are politicians? Politicians, hello there? Perhaps you don’t realize this fact; it takes about ten Mama Mbogas’ daily taxes to purchase one side mirror of your Mercedes Benz. Votes are watching.

Politics goes deep to influence the tax on a mere razor. It goes down to the finer aspects of your life. Not voting is allowing other people control your life for you. Happy are the voters, for the kingdom of the government belongs to them. Barrack Obama, former American president has completed his term, the voters who voted him can now stare at the space and say, my thirst has been quenched. Allow politicians chant, lie and give all their political innuendos.Votes are watching. Thou shall not complain of a rugged muddy road if he never exercised his voting right. It is not only sin but also ignorance of the highest magnitude. Kenya has an aura of negligence. Not voting is voting in the manner silence is a form of reply. If you don’t vote, other voter’s votes are watching.

Any school boy knows that corruption is the Kenyans’ breakfast, lunch and supper. Behold dear reader, our land is blessed! In the recent past, God sent an angel in Kenya to unravel the rotten educational sector and reveal the sweet truth that was not well received in the ears. Every mouth saw him in papers and in their gadgets. Some mouths spoke of him while some kept shtum. His name, Fredrick Matiang’i. Kenyan youth forms 80% of the Kenyan population. Dear Youths, let’s vote gingerly if not purposely because the future belongs to every youth, the educated and uneducated youth, the hard workers and comfort lovers, the short and the tall youth, the sinful and saints….. the list seems endless. Always remember votes speak louder than words.

Dear politicians, politics is more about leadership than a job. Remember you people in their times of despair and they shall remember you in the ballot. For any contrary opinion, votes are watching?


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