Passionate KUSA Leaders Or A Dirty Syndicate?

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Before I’m branded names, I will brand myself one; The Rumours Handler.


Rumours has it that Sam Were, Brian Kibet, and Ken Mutua shall rerun come September.


I examined the constitution and I found this,
The President, Secretary General, and Finance Secretary, all have one thing that ties them; The KUSA Vote (storage of KUSA funds, some of which come from students’ membership fees). Reference: Article 74.


That alone don’t say anything complete yet. So, I dug deep into the constitution and I found out this;
The Executive Council may determine financial allowances and benefits paid to office holders. Reference: Article 73 (1). Moreover, I will quote Article 73(2), “The financial allowances and benefits for office bearers must not take effect during the term of those office bearers who determined or approved them.”

Putting all rumours into consideration, could it be that the trio: Were, Kibet and Mutua increased their allowances and would like to enjoy them? Is that why their loyal WhatsApp campaigners are announcing that they seek second terms?

Don’t forget Doreen Mwenda. Why would she rerun and in a different office? Why?

There are many questions that need answers from Were Sam, Ken Mutua, Brian Kibet, and Doreen Mwenda. Comrades, watch out. This could be a financial syndicate.

The Big Bill.
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