What is Adulting to You?

What is Adulting to You?
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WHAT IS ADULTING TO YOU? – by Jean Wandimi.

In case you didn’t know you were adulting…

-Responding to emails. Kind regards sir.
-When your house no longer feels like home.
-When you’re the only one responsible for your health & insurance.
-Student. Loan. Payments
-When your money basically spends itself.
-Sleep is no longer your nemesis but your bff.
-Your body begins to ache from lack of movement.
-Shopping for furniture is actually fun.
-Saving your own money for trips.
-Classical music is actually fun & relaxing.
-You keep receipts and buy books.
-You now understand what your parents meant when they said, “You’ll understand when you’re older.
-When One Direction comes on the radio you have an automatic reflex to change it.
– You raise an eyebrow at popular fashion
-You listen to oldies: Jimi Hendrix, rolling stones, led zeppelin, AC/DC, Queen (*this is for old souls)
-Referring to teenagers as “these kids”.
-You actually mind what you eat and exercise.
-You are one of those people who is like, “water is good for your skin”.
-Bills & bills

What is adulting to you?


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