Side Effects of the “Morning After” Pill

Side Effects of the
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Emergency contraceptive pills (also known as “morning after pills” or “day after pills”) have been used by campus female students to prevent pregnancy. However, like most medications, birth control pills can have side effects;

Please read and save a friend from ignorance.

1. Intermenstrual spotting: Some people using the pill experience vaginal bleeding between expected periods most commonly within the first 3 months of starting to take the pill. People who experience 5 or more days of bleeding while on active pills or heavy bleeding for 3 or more days should contact a healthcare professional for advice. Some women also find that the pills might also cause your next period to come early or late.

2. Nausea: Some women throw up after taking emergency contraceptive pills. Taking the pill with food or at bedtime can help lower the likelihood of nausea. Anyone experiencing persistent or severe nausea should seek medical guidance.

3. Breast tenderness: Birth control pills may cause breast enlargement or tenderness. This side effect tends to improve a few weeks after starting the pill, but anyone who finds a lump in the breast or has persistent pain or tenderness should seek medical help.

4. Headaches:Pills with different types and doses of hormones may result in different headache symptoms. Visit a health professional if it persists

5. Decreased libido: The hormone(s) in the contraceptive pill can affect sex drive (libido) in some people. However, many other factors can contribute to a decrease in libido. If decreased libido persists and is bothersome, this should be discussed with a medical provider.

6. Vaginal discharge: Some people experience changes in vaginal discharge when taking the pill. This can range from an increase to a decrease in vaginal lubrication, an alteration in the nature of the discharge, and changes which can affect sexual intercourse. In the event of vaginal lubrication decreasing, added lubrication can be utilized to make sex a more comfortable prospect.

Now that you know, just don’t stop taking the pill before you start a new method or you’ll be at risk of pregnancy. Again and again as earlier advised, visit your medical professional for any inquiries.


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