South African Gay Musician and Socialite Succumbs to Anal Cancer.

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Koyo Bala surrendered to a battle with cancer Monday morning at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. Before he died the 36-year-old gay musician and socialite has confirmed that the anal cancer he was diagnosed with in 2012 had returned. In the recent past Bala has staged a brave fight against cancer and had been diagnosed HIV positive.

Speaking to the publication, Bala said: “I went for chemotherapy for six weeks and a radiation programme two years ago, but the cancer came back severely.” Bala, best known as a member of defunct gay trio 3Sum, in 2012 underwent an operation to remove piles.He was, however, following tests told that he didn’t have piles, but cancer.

He was at the time treated with radiation and chemotherapy for six weeks, but his doctors recently referred him to physicians at the Victoria Hospital in Cape Town, where he will have surgery in the coming weeks.

“I was referred to Cape Town to do the operation by doctors in Johannesburg. The doctors told me they were surprised I had the cancer because it is something that is more prevalent in women,” he explained.

Bala was diagnosed with cancer a few months after he publicly admitted that he was HIV positive, a period in which he also lost his mother to a stroke.Speaking for the family longtime friend and housemate Ephraim “Ephymol” Molingoana told Sowetan Live that Bala always kept a positive outlook and remained strong throughout his battle with the fatal disease.


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