10 Tips on Reversing Holiday Weight Gain—Fast!

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Holidays mark a more easygoing schedule. You give yourself some treats, feast as a way of bonding with family and friends, binge-watch TV or travel on little to no sleep, and skip working out for several days, all of which make you gain weight. The big question, then, is how to quickly reverse such holiday weight gain. Here are some do’s and don’ts you can employ:

  1.   Don’t beat yourself up about it

Since the happiest part of the holidays consists of eating some of the treasured family delicacies while catching up with friends and family, and since you have less time to work out, you do not have to be embarrassed about it. Instead, You need to accept these circumstances and adjust your plan accordingly.

  1.   Start and continue moving

While the holidays may have made you quite inactive, it is time to start moving around. You can run, jog, walk, and engage in other activities that keep your body parts in motion. These workouts will burn calories and help you to have a positive mindset, which is crucial in forming proper dietary habits.

  1.   Don’t stop eating

After overindulging in foods and drinks for over a month, you may be tempted to stop eating or to skip meals. However, this will make things worse, as it will be difficult to adhere to a healthy eating plan. The day after a calorie overload, it is advisable to include protein (like eggs, yogurt, or cottage cheese) in your breakfast to keep your appetite in check all day long.

  1.   Record your weight loss goals and strategies

You need to write down your goals and be very specific, like “lose 10lbs. by Feb10.” Writing them down makes them verifiable and increases your commitment toward them. Also, record all your exercises and the food you eat, which will make you minimize mindless eating and keep you working out consistently.

  1.   Don’t neglect your vegetables

Vegetables naturally help to decrease your appetite, while bread stimulates the urge to eat. Veggies also provide other crucial nutrients, like vitamins and mineral salts. You will need to eat veggies to avoid overeating and adding weight. You may also check out a great product—Liv52, available at Musclesfax—which will help you to enhance your wellbeing and especially your liver health, eliminate toxins, and maintain the right weight.

  1.   Avoid consuming white foods

You need to drop white foods—white bread, bagels, and crackers—from your meals. If your body is not used to the extra salt and sugar, it tends to retain lots of water; however, once you reduce the water weight, your energy level rises again. Surprisingly, you even feel the difference within 48 hours.

  1.   Make elaborate plans

Well laid-out eating and workout plans will prevent you from deviating from your get-healthy goals. For example, you will need to bring  healthy snacks with you if you know you will be away for a long time to avoid eating anything that is contrary to your goals.

  1.   Keep yourself hydrated

You should have your water bottle with you to ensure you never get thirsty. In fact, most of the time when you feel hungry, you are actually thirsty. In addition to keeping your tummy fuller, water will help to flush out any unhealthy foods you had previously loaded up on.

  1.   Do away with the holiday leftovers

Since you do not want to be tempted by any unhealthy foods, get rid of all holiday leftovers—the cookies, fruitcakes, and other foods. instead, stock your fridge with fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods.

  1.   Be patient

A change in diet also alters your body’s weight-regulating mechanism, making it difficult to stick to your healthy diet. Also, you will tend to be hungrier. You should be patient while your body gets accustomed to your new way of eating.


The above tips should help you reverse any weight gain made over the holidays. Still, you should remember that each person is unique, so try to work with what suits you best, and be sure to consult your doctor, nutritionist, or fitness instructor.


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