‘The #147 souls are my hero’s in today’s Madaraka day’ Says Stephen Mwadime

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Stephen Mwadime

As we celebrate the Kenya’s 52nd Madaraka day, my heart goes out to the families, relatives and friends of the #147 souls lost in Garissa University College which happened exactly 8weeks ago. I urge all Comrades and Kenyans of Goodwill we pray for the departed souls and the left families for solace and strength. May God protect our Country. Finally, I urge the Kenyan Government and in particular the President, to move with speed in re-constructing and repair of GUC and providing enough security so that we don’t give terrorists the glory. Consequently, restructuring security system of the country to ensure this won’t happen either in future.

The #147 souls are my hero’s in today’s Madaraka day.


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