Tales From Kenyatta University: Dating A ‘Church Mouse’

Tales From Kenyatta University: Dating A 'Church Mouse'
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A very bright morning shone with the glory of God, I pen. Before I proceed, let me respond to my duty.


@SilentNoise, your TALES are sweet but avoid clinging them to politics.

Your wise counsel has been taken into consideration and it’ll be applied with immediate effect. Thank you.

‘Wa kuabudiwa, na kupewa sifa ni wewe bwana.’
Sweet hymns, sweet songs, will elude from this soul. She will at all the times tag her speech with a verse.

‘Hello my dear…’ You will greet her,
‘Get behind me Satan, Hello, but don’t dear me, am Patience, you better use that.’ she will correct you.



Among these and many other archaic characters, the question is: who can be classified as a ‘church mouse’?

For you to be in these peculiar category,

a) Take Medicine, Engineering or Law as a faculty.

b) Be a church goer. Not just physically but in spirit, praise and worship God.

c) Revise the Bible daily, and pray, to win all the temptation of the evil one.

d) Buy oversize clothes, and shave your hair.

Being also by virtue of Grace, saved from my trespasses and washed clean by the blood of Christ, which was shed in calvary, I happen to go to church. To couple it up, Lord saw it wise to award me another virtue in person form, Faith, as my ‘church mouse.’



A visit to her room is one of the trickiest thing on earth. I move slowly but surely to Ngong Hostel. Sign and walk up the stairs to her room. I try reaching my hand to the door nob but my hand is numb.



A thought comes,
‘Why trouble yourself, she’s reading…just walk away, ‘
I almost walk away but before that, the door is suddenly opened. My spine bares the pain of ‘injury surprise’. My legs bed to respond to the pain while my lips do what they do best, trembling to now sweet music, kupatikana.

She looks at me and smiles,
‘The spirit alerted me that you were here…’
She talks in ‘tongues’.
‘Mmmmh, yes, yes…’
My lips do the music.



She allows me in and requests me not to sit on her bed reason being, ‘it’s not yet time.’ I receive a handshake, the closest I can be allowed next to her.
Before we talk, she pulls a Bible from the locker and reads me a verse,
‘Eccl 3 says, there is time for everything, time to work and time to sleep.’

I wonder what to say to that but luckily, my lips do the music with a rather good response, ‘Amen’.
She nods her head to that. My heat melts to resilience but shortlived.



Silence prevails before she gives me counsel.
‘Silent Noise, this is the time to sleep, but you’re going against the Bible by coming to my room, why should you do that?’

Guilt invites itself to my soul and gives me a thorough punishment of lacking words to reply to that. As am going through this, she’s seriously looking for another verse in the Bible to support the previous.

‘Faith, I missed you and had to come and say hi,’
I recover my speech back.
‘But you could have done that via the phone…’
She corrects me.



A Silent Noise speaks to me,
‘Arise and Walk,’
I accept, get up and decide to leave her. I see her troubled but I have to avoid unnecessary arguments.
‘You’ve decided to go, ok have a good night.’
She waves me bye.

I get out but, a thought again tells me to go hug her. I resume my presence in her room and request for a good bye hug.
‘We can’t hug, it’s evil you know…’
She thinks the battle is over until the moment I pull her Bible to also quote, why I have to hug her.

‘2 Cor 13:12, says, ‘Greet one another with a holy kiss,’ I smile to that.
But she can’t fail to respond.



I allow no time for response but reach out and hug her. She whines but the Bible says a kiss, I spare her that.

As poor as a church mouse, you’ll suffer romance poverty dating a ‘church mouse’.

Mawingu Yametanda.

We pen as we receive it…


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