Kenyatta University ‘Stoners’ be warned!

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Notice next to AZ entrance | K.U-Comrades Forum
In the last year, K.U has seen the rise of the use of
Marijuana or as other may have it – weed, bhang and so forth. On a regular day,
you would find a high percentage of students smoking ‘weed’ at almost every
corner of the school – especially at the student’s center annex. It is here
that a couple of students have had the misfortune of getting caught by the now
more vigilant Kenyatta University security team.
With CCTV cameras set around the whole school (..I think I
have counted over 30 so far), this seems to be one of the main goals of the
administration. The admin has also embarked on minimizing the areas around the
school that have had such rampart cases of weed smokers being caught – including
the arboretum which has been renovated to more of a park than was an arboretum.

K.U Lady Smoking ‘Weed’ | K.U-Comrades Forum
The consequences of being caught using ‘weed’ in K.U have
been elevated to expulsion from the university for THREE academic
years. In short, they send you away for such a long time. By the time you get
back to school, your first year friends are already in fourth year!!  – And yes, your guess is as good as mine. THEY CLEARLY DO NOT WANT YOU BACK.

Some student’s living at Kahawa Wendani found this out the
hard way. As they were partying ( most of us regularly do) at their house
in Kahawa, the (rather obvious) smell of weed had the COPS banging at their
door in the middle of the night. Caught in the act, they were then forwarded to
the school disciplinary board and have hence been expelled for the THREE
academic years.
Is it really worth it?!
As I talked to some of the students (who shall remain
anonymous) – they shared the following:

‘Worth it? Weed?! – Si uzitafute alafu ukachomee kwenu
nyumbani! Sijakataa siku izi hadi madame wanavuta viserious siku izi nani p**sy
magnet lakini mbona ushikwe nayo?!’ ‘Kua mjanja!’

‘’Kuna weed cookie na sim sim, mbona ukavutie annex? Imagine
paro yako akuwe twin towers akuone ukichoma blunt za annex kolombo. Utamshow?”

From the above, it’s clear that what concerns mst students
is the fact that you get caught while partaking drugs on school grounds which
to them –NI UJINGA. And not the fact
that ‘weed’ is a drug – with its own side effects – just like every other drug.
I do agree, ‘Marijuana’ is not the worst drug out there.
Lord knows there’re worse drugs like cocaine that do not hesitate in screwing
you over – MENATLLY and you end up a
good-for-nothing-addict. But at the same time -in most cases – ‘Marijuana’
happens to be a gateway drug.  Marijuana ‘high’
is a good enough high at first, but once you become a regular to it, you will
more likely opt for a stronger drug or in most cases end up wanting to try out
other drugs – most common in K.U being that students start taking cigarettes to
‘quench’ or have something in their pockets to switch for the ‘weed’ either as
a substitute or simply to ‘look cool’ to your fellow stoners.
My Question to you is:
Have you seen anybody
(including yourself) getting high on weed on campus?! What’s your perspective
about them afterwards – say if they are your friends?!


  1. I smoke weed everyday, and I’m better than your average Joe.
    …and, it’s not a getaway drug – do your research mate.


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