#KUTVSafaricomBroadbandWeek is Here! Get Your 4G Enabled Sim Card Today!

#KUSafaricomBroadbandWeek is Here! Get Your 4G Enabled Sim Card Today!
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What is Safaricom 4G?

Safaricom $G Banner

Simply put, it’s Safaricom’s new way to make your internet experience far far much more faster. The average download speed on a 4G connection ought to be 18Mbps while that of a good 3G connection stand at 7Mbps. Clearly, 4G doubles and dwarfs the download speeds you would get on a 3G connection on paper.


As such, Safaricom is currently offering an upgrade to 4G enabled sim cards at Kenyatta University amphitheatre.


With these new sim cards you will also require a 4G enabled device which are also currently available at Safaricom outlets. This means the average student who can purchase an average smartphone and lives within the coverage areas can now celebrate!

Simply visit the amphitheatre today!


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