Kids’ Fun

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Hop step and jump
Little kids having fun
Little girls cuddling grass babies
Feeding them mud cookies
Eat dear one eat and grow big
Their own mommas watch and laugh
Young boys soaring trees
They’re warriors fearless
We wanna be strong like daddy
They make their mommas throat dry
The more she screams the higher they go
Older boys battle for the ball
It’s a dusty affair; scratch pull shove
Winner gets to sing the victory song
It never ends fair; Game must turn to war
Older girls not far from the boys
Shedding the skin of girlhood
Mom’s got an eye on them
Theirs is the rope and hoolahoop
When they jump the boys can’t help but watch
Occasionally they watch the boys
They love to see the muscles already shaping out
The boys love the attention
Especially when they giggle
But mommas watching
So that’s just how far it goes
Like the sun and moon
Both watching for the eclipse


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