I Still Love You; Please Take Me Back ‘Bae’

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I Still Love You; Please Take Me Back

How could I be so stupid
To let you slip away
I had you in my arms
But I let you slip away

I want you back
But now it’s too late
I’ve already said goodbye
And now love has turned to hate

I want to go back in time
And fix all that was wrong
Change all of my regrets
So we didn’t fight as long

The regrets are what messed it up
And they were all my fault
I was so immature
I should have acted like an adult

I broke my own heart
When I walked out on you
Now it’s too late
And I can’t undo

I still love you
But nobody knows
We are no longer together
Because of what I chose

It was a bad decision
And now I want you here
Never far away
Always near

So please take me back
And catch me when I fall
‘Cause I need you right now
More than anything at all


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