Dear Employers

Dear Employer
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Dear Employers,

Cc: Job Seekers;

“We” are writing this benign letter to you for the sake of us and the upcoming learners to justify our degree honours and not honorary degrees. We are certified professionals with verified documents good enough to secure professional jobs. Spending circa 18 years going through 8:4:4 system is not only hectic but a real struggle in this political-based environment.

The nib of my pen is not going to tire neither are my fingertips going to give rest to the keyboards if the topic is “Unemployment” and the subtopic is “The fate of Undergraduates in Kenya.” We are not liaising for friendliness in formal matters; we are just calling for practicality in integrity, honesty, and professionalism in the Human Resource offices. I don’t know whether I should blame it on corruption or high population growth, but I choose to start with employers.

Behind the smiley faces, we display on twitter, facebook, Instagram, snapchat and the likes, is mental distress that is only understood by us. We are worried about the next move after graduation and unpaid internships. It’s not about imposing anyone’s burden on someone but asking for an ear that could hear us and reward us for the procedural study and the hard work because our primary school motto: Hard work pays, promised us payment after toiling in academics.

Dear Employer, stop sneering at my letter. I don’t want to say that it is deep from my heart because it will sound more of a cliche, but that’s true, it is from the heart. I know “Haki Yetu” slogan cannot help here, because sooner or later, you will hear a voice complaining, “Look at yonder streets, our graduates yapping like market women.” Do you know why men choose to be gigolos in this country? You should know.

We are intellects nurtured by other intellects to improve our intellect but who cares? I will not mention the huge sums of money we spend in education because I have learnt to let bygones be bygones, enhance optimism and be positive minded.

Thank You

Yours Faithfully,
Stephen Juniour,
Jobless but learned man.


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