THROW BACK: Kenyan Celebrities @ their heydays! [Uhuru, Shaffie, Vera, Maina Kageni, Juliani & Churchill]

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    #Throwback! | Courtesy of K.U-Comrades Forum

    Today is #TBF and we bring to you almost all the Kenyan celebs like Juliani, Kingangi, Maina, Carolyne, Itumbi, Uhuru, Alai – when life used to be on the other side of the coin for many. 

    This had me on the floor, kwanza ukaongea na wengine wao at their current jobs and what not…you’ll laugh yourself to the floor.

    Don’t believe me?! Well, lets go through the list!

    • The first, is our very own – former The Redykyulass show actor : 
    Pseudonym Churchill
    Birth name Daniel Ndambuki
    Born 30 0ctober 1977
    Nationality Kenyan
    Subject(s) performing arts
    Influences other comedians ,most notably in his own show dubbed Churchill Show
    Notable works and roles Churchill Show. Kids Festival. Top Comic. Malooned. First Grader.

    From his bio: He has now 65k youtube followers, 1.3M facebook followers and 109k twitter followers.

    I present to you: 

    Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i

    #TBF | Churchil | K.U-Comrades Forum

    • The we go to our next ThrowBack Picture:
    If you are a morning person, then you must have one time or the other listen to this guy on Classic 105 FM. Especially if you live off-campus, Matatu za Giturai seem to have thing for this show!
    Maina hosts Classic 105’s breakfast show ‘Maina In The Morning’ alongside Mwalimu King’ang’i. He wakes you up to a fun filled show where humor and relationships are part of the recipe. He is a staunch supporter of English Premiere League side Manchester United and is also a professional golfer.

    Maina | K.U-Comrades Forum

    • Next we go to, The MODEL, FASHIONISTA, ART N DESIGN FREAK INTERIOR DESIGNER (according to her facebook page)  our very own Vera Sidika.
    While looking around for her bio I came across this guy:

    Vera Sidika Stalker | K.U-Comrades Forum

    That aside, is it me or does hating on this lady getting old. You have to hand it to her – SHE CAN TOTALLY GET SOME! (Pardon my manners!)

    Here she is:

    #TBF Vera Sidika | K.U-Comrades Forum

    The now Gossip of the each and every day entertainment news around seems to have come from quite the times – the hair stories and what-not.

    • Next victim: Give it up for our from rugs to riches gospel artist Juliani.
    The other day I was watching the trend, Larry tells Juliani he’d go to his Juliani concert then Juliani goes like…
    Juliani concert | K.U-Comrades Forum
    ….with vile umevaa chunga my niggas wasikunyemelee – all this after Juliani’s story of where he’s from and where he’s been before being getting to the top!
    Ametoka mbali enyewe eh?!
    #TBF Artist Juliani | K.U-Comrades Forum

    Kudos to Juliani on his ONE DAY First Single off Juliani third album, Exponential Potential.

    The President’s idea to have a facebook page seems to have a splendid idea after all! – He now has 1.5Million likes and counting!
    Uhuru Kenyatta | K.U-Comrades Forum
    Lakini pia yeye ametoka far it seems!
    #TBF Pres. Uhuru | K.U-Comrades Forum

    He looks like the cool dad type from this picture wouldn’t you agree?! Hehe…wonder what song’s playing in the back ground 😀

    • Last but not least we go to: The Radio Presenter, Shaffi Weru
    Huyu msee majuzi amekua na za ovyo sana! Look at this:
    Shaffi & Kalekye | K.U-Comrades Forum

    So apparently, Lively and vibrant Kiss 100’s presenter Kalekye Mumo challenged his co-host Shaffie Weru to pull an Adelle Onyango look, and funny enough, he accepted to take up the bizarre challenge that saw him cross dress, wear make-up and even twerk to P Unit’s weka weka hit.

    An elated Kalekye filmed the entire set-up of the crazy event and posted it on Facebook to share with fans the funny act that was meant to be miss Mumo’s birthday gift from the ‘Raverend’. Well, here is how Shaffie would look and act like if she were a lady!

    His throw back – ebu jitayarishe…
    #TBF Shaffi | K.U-Comrades Forum

    Yaani the famed presenter you listen to so much on radio looked like this at some point in life! 

    They say you should save the best for the last…
    Moral of the story: Ata kama umetoka mbali, who & what you become has NOTHING or VERY LITTLE to do with what you become!
    Ebu share this to all the celebs wametajwa usikie vile watasema! #ThrowBack!

    > Wewe mwenyewe unaonaje?!


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