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The ‘it’ in this case is sex or holing up as the common saying around campus goes. Traditionally this is considered so immoral to even write about it but am going right ahead to air out my view on the whole issue of why the social revolution has changed the norms when it comes to sex. Some will defend saying it’s the height of independence and maturity to enjoy sex and have pleasure when one needs it.

When thinking about this topic I thought of reasons why sex is deemed among major activities in our setting. Could students be so lazy to the extent of forfeiting class or a study session in the library to visit a partner to get some? A question of priorities on my opinion because one forgets the degree you came to campus for then one will actually go anything else to pass the time of have fun as many want to put it.

Gone are the days where only guys would request for sex and the lady would only oblige to keep the guy. Recently my girlfriend asked me to introduce her to a guy so she would hook up with him with the logic of ‘I can also get some on my own terms’. I found this a bit shocking but also brave coming from a gender that society expects to be shy and reserved. The issue of women independence getting into the typical campus lady or simply loss of meaning of dignity. Others will agree it’s the replacement of norm to suit our lifestyle.

Sex has been used for other non-pleasurable activities including breaking or sealing a deal, winning bets and some ladies coining the phrase ‘he deserves the vee’ because of being nice to me, helping out or just yield to the pleasure or pleasing him just coz he took you out on some expensive date.

Am not judging because at the end of the day sex remains a personal choice that no one can really take responsibility of except oneself. All in all the view of using sex for payment of some sort is just wrong as much as am an open minded reader.

Or is there…?!


There’s more coming up on this topic that will certainly evoke some contentious comments which am happy to discuss if you inbox me. Till next time, let’s make wise decisions and have fun (the best way you know how after reading this segment).


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