Tales From Kenyatta University: Visit KU Old Admin

Tales From Kenyatta University: Visit KU Old Admin
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Before I pen, let’s me patronise these people with a curse. ‘Cursed are the workers at KU Old Admin, for they shall perish in poverty. Woe unto them.’ A Silent Noise.


Locating KU Old Admn is a nightmare if it’s your first time in KU. You’ll have to encounter several challenges including insults, false directions and at worst, a once working relationship which brakes later. Am very sure you’ll have to visit KU Central Admn thinking you’re in the right direction but, ooh poor you, you’re lost. But all in all, you’ll locate it at the long run.


As they say, this furry place of the doomed is located behind the Campanile, almost a hundred metres to the left when you’re on the main road. A very old rugged place. A very large ample parking characterised with mainly Shopping Baskets, Vits, Toyota, Nissan sunny… Imagine of all the funny vehicles, they’re there.


Past a significant tree, beneath a notice board, you walk into the office smiling you’ve discover the place. The first scene will be, confused students resting their gaze on the noticed board looking at the advertised faculties. The second sight you’ll observe, are, two sad, ugly, young but old looking ladies busy glued to their desktops.


You’ll try getting their attention, ‘Hello, excuse me…’
One of them will look at you, say nothing and look back to her desktop.
You’ll try your thing again, ‘Hey, excuse me…’ the other one will look at you and rumble. ‘Si uongee, kwani unataka nini… Don’t waste our time…’
Fear will drip you down your spine, and you’ll have difficulties in your breath.


‘I came to pick my letter, ‘you’ll finally recover your speech.
She will look at you and fake an answer,
‘ Enda ukuje next week Friday… ‘


You’ll wonder, ulikuwa wapi but you’re yet to experience the humiliation on your next visit. As you walk away, you’ll miss a step down the stairs and you’ll incur a minor injury on your knee bone.



We pen as we receive it…


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