Who Shall I Vote For? Make Your Vote Count – KUSA 2016/2017 Politics.

The KUSA president laments the loss of the departed souls & reiterates the need to stand together.
The KUSA president laments the loss of the departed souls & reiterates the need to stand together.
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The hyenas are bickering again, slinging mud at each other and seeing if they can get it to stick. Must be KUSA Election Time.


Choosing the right candidate to vote for at the 2016/2017 KUSA general election can be tough. With policies being launched online daily it’s difficult to keep up with who stands for what.


That’s where we come in. Whether you’re sitting on the fence, new to university politics, or just want to re-affirm your affiliation to a particular candidate, we’re here to help.


Using a lot of clever wizardry code and algorithms, we’ve built a quiz (Coming Soon: KU Bloggers Network), which will help you to choose the candidate which best suits your KU beliefs, morals and lifestyle choices.


So, who will you choose when you go to the polls on the September?


Let us help you decide.



We all know how difficult it is to keep track of where KUSA candidate stand on issues. With manifestos running into dozens of pages long, reading and comparing policies is enough to make you want to get an early night.


The co-founders (Gichuhi Beauttah and Mynaros Mark) were discussing how difficult it was to keep track of policies, after they had decided to build this Group KU BLOGGERS NETWORK now 4 Months old to help not just us, but every student. It helps you to decide which candidate to vote for at the KUSA general election using a blind questionnaire, matching your opinions to candidate policies.


You can also browse a whole tonne of information, read up on your current leaders, read/compare candidate policies, view previous election results and much more.

Post-election date, we’ll be tracking how well the candidates stick to their policies, handing out some virtual slapped wrists to those who break their promises.

Once you’ve used us, you won’t want to lose your vote.



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