Tales From Kenyatta University: The KU Gateman Diary

KU kenyatta University Gate Inspection
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Today, he’ll wake up feeling the pain, sorrow and weight of his duty. He’ll feel a pinch on his shoulder. He’ll try to rub but in vain.


He’ll apply rob on it and trust God the pain will vanish. For the first time, he’ll go on his knees and give thanks to almighty.”Baba, asante maana Leo ni admission ya First Years. Kuna allowances na kiinua mgongo…”


He’ll prepare strong tea, fend it down throat with ‘kiporo ya jana’ a very famous meal among not only subordinate staff but also students especially gents.


As usual, he’ll rarely get in contact with water. A smile will cover his face on that usual piece of ‘kioo’. And wave bye to his shanty, ‘kwakheri…’


The entry of the day

Onchomba Kemoni

He’s carrying a jiko yet not even a gas cooker is required in hostels

He’s yet to fit campus

I earned a good amount for giving directions

This gentleman will smile all the way to the ‘bank’, M-Pesa of cause.

We pen as we receive it…


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