Tales From Kenyatta University: The ‘Mess’ 2

Tales From Kenyatta University The mess
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I promised to explain to you where our coins disappears to once you’re served at the ‘mess’.

At the counter, the cashier has to acquire some descriptive features that will convince the comrades safety of their coins. These features include; A forged smile, a stun look, and a fast hand to pen numbers on the pieces of paper that they supply.



Once a coin drops in the server’s hand, he takes pleasure to smile at you, he then listens to you plea and responds with a stun look to notify you that others are waiting to be served. Finally his fast hand will quickly pull a paper and pen the amount. This is a quick succession occurrence that if you’re not keen can be unnoticed to your eyes.

After the days work at around 8:00-9:00 at night, the chief treasurer will have calculated the days collection verses the amount spent and will have the difference.



Sample treasury,
At least the ‘mess’ receives 2000 clients a day.
At least each client has to fend them with a minimum of averagely 8 bob.
Its calculation lands at, 16000 a day. (a salary of a trained P1 teacher in a months time.)



These is the least amount those guys earn in a day from comrades. Trusted sources have it that they got a common account where they save their cash and finally they’ll decide how to share the amount in ratio.



My counsel;
To claim your cash from these ‘thieves’, just pile those papers they give you somewhere. Let them calculate to a specific amount like 50 or 100. At the end of the semester, return all the papers and claim back your cash. They can’t comfortably feed on the money our parents have vigorously sweat to earn.


We pen as we receive it…


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