Stop Depleting K.U Ozone Layer, Dear Pumpkin

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Hello there. I am really hoping this reaches you. May be you will come across it in your social media circles or someone would tag you tomorrow or send it to you next semester. Whenever it gets there I really hope the timing is perfect.

You see, I could have gone my entire campus life without being propositioned to defecate on someone’s face, but this, I’m told is the game in the modern internet world. Today I wanna talk to that Kenyatta university girl. And the words am going to share are the same ones that your boyfriends or other person close to you would have liked to share with you but probably they haven’t  found the right time or the right way to do so. It do happens to all of us anyways. So worry not my dear gal.

Maybe they have even tried to tell you but you were kinda busy trying to please that other friend of yours. Or maybe the words am going to type here should have been said to you a long time ago but never have. For that am deeply sorry. Accept my apologies, dear pumpkin.
Either way, lemme say them to you right away;
You are beautiful. So amazing you are. You Are an absolute world wonder… Made with utmost care and embedded with greatness—say hallelujah.
But ever wondered why some of these days I have been hating on you!? OK,lemme explain;
Of late you’ve proven to me that you are indeed a failure, a fraud  and an imposter. Or how else can you explain your current dressing mode?
You have turned from a sweet wide-eyed little gal who loved zoo animals into a hormonal,irrational and ever- nagging idiot.Whenever you are in KM, stop this habit you’ve developed of asking your dear comrades to buy you chicken at Mshiriki kuku shop. Stop it!
Stop that habit of speaking with a wagging tongue. End those unnecessary giggles especially when you are on a phone call- you have no clue how much Bob Collymore is charging for a minute these January

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When you were born you were exceptionally adorable.  I swear you still are. Let no one lie to you that you need that funny wig or stupid hairdos, or smelly hairsprays to look amazing. Nah… I say no-and you can roll your eyes at me and mumble something hateful under your breath. I don’t give it a damn. You don’t see your innocence and how short-sighted you are right now. The miniskirt you are putting on will one day haunt you to your grave, lest you heed to the words of the sage.
For your information, it is this kind of behavior that is quickly removing you from that effing list of wife materials.

I must confess that this is a post that I never thought I would write. I  can say again that I have decided to post it here having had no sleep for the past two weeks. I know that everything within you and around you is changing. There’s so much change occurring… anyone can see the dizziness in your head. Even your feeble feet might be trembling and your feet might be missing any solid ground to stand upon.

Did I ever mention something like, ”you are wonderful?”. Okay, allow me to say it again…you are wonderful. I  have been told and I know right now you probably don’t feel that way right now. You probably don’t feel very miraculous or wonderful or beautiful on most days.Image result for hairsprays

If you are reading this, there’s is breath in your lungs and a heart beating in your chest, and i sincerely believe those two things are all you need to rewrite this story and twist the whole plot into a no longer tragedy but a surprise victory. You have quite enough time to use and craft that very life you deserve. And lemme tell you a little bit of the future because  I can see from where am standing. There are days coming when you wont feel quite so unsettled,quite so unsure; quite so unseen; days when you’ll feel much comfortable in your skin and in the world, and you will finally find that singular sweet spot in the universe  that you alone are meant to take. That very universe would be safe because you dearly refused to use the hairsprays that would have be the sole cause of part of the hole in the ozone layer.

I wish you well. I am here… in a corner watching and cheering you on.


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