Now Showing: Bring Back My Husband Play

Now Showing: Bring Back My Husband Play
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What would you do when you’ve been blind since birth and then you regain your eyesight for 50 days only and go blind again? What would you do if the first person to see around you is a beautiful, attractive house maid?
‘BRING BACK MY HUSBAND -The_Play is a comedy about DICKSON, a blind guy who has just gotten his eyesight back on Xmas day, only to be received by his househelp, VALENTINE, in the absentia of his drunkard wife.
The wife, MARY, on coming back home finds the tables turned and unaware of what is happening, plays her usual fooling game with the Shamba boy, KIMONYA.
Dickson’s brother too, CHRIS, and his wife, MERCY, visit the family to celebrate the ‘miracle’ only to add themselves to the list of cast members in the miracle-cum-drama. It becomes more and more dramatic when the relationship between Dickson and the maid grow stronger and stronger and that between Mary and the shamba boy as well..
Mercy is left at the center of it all as the voice of reason and Chris is in a serious battle with the area policemen..
The whole Truth dawns on them on Valentines Day when 50 days are over and Dickson goes blind again..
What next for this infidelity-infested peeps??


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