Logic and Brink’s Security Guards 1.

Logic and Brink's Security Guards 1.
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Good Lord! Whoever gave the security contract to the Brink’s security morons owes the devil and apology or else hell is certainly for you in the afterlife.Why am i so bitter? Why am i saying this? Well you certainly know the answer,there is logic and then there is Blink’s security two different things that are supposed to work cohesively but they never dance to the same tune.These guys reasoning capacity is too backward that Homo erectus would comfortably give them a run for their money.

My case ***

Lost identification card.

Bssc computer lab.

A concoction of feelings,anger,pity,frustrations and God knows what other feelings you get when you argue with a grown ass man reasoning like a toddler.
At around 4 p.m yesterday i enter the Bssc computer lab to do some research,i was in the middle of my business the my phone go buzz with a call ,i receive the call.It’s from Njeri a course mate and she urgently needs to see me.I dash out, run to the gate ,say hi to the guy with the blue suit and a rungu ,we have a five minute conversation with Njeri and runs towards Bssc entrance ,smiling at the guard again.I hard an assumption that he will surely let me in since two hours earlier no one bothered me to show them my identification card and actually the guy should have taken notice of me seeing my face three times within such a short span of time but, hell yeah! I was dead wrong ! Never make such an assumption when it comes to Brink’s security,they simply can’t see things in a logical manner ,their have a very alien way of perceiving things.

I almost make it past him but he suddenly realizes i have not gone through the most lame and frivolous security check measure ever invented by a human being,flushing an identification card at someone’s face and going about your business as quickly as possible.

“Wait!” He shouts with a rusty voice made worse by his so cocky attitude.I freeze and two things quickly runs through my mind.Run to the comp lab without obeying his insipid order or turn around ,go to where he is resting his poor stupid ass and give him a piece of my mind,i opt for the latter.A piece of my mind will surely serve him right.It has never failed me in putting a brute imbecile to his place,especially when such a blockhead is a grown ass man…



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