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One of the greatest entertainers of all time who goes by the name of Beyonce knowles- Carter once sung a song:Pretty Hurts. Now the tittle is quite catchy; as always but I picked up something more than that in the song. The video setting is as that of a beauty pageant. The competition runs it’s course and it’s questions time:the part most of us dread. The MC proceeds to congratulate her for her progress and then drops the million dollar question. “What is your aspiration in life?” For a moment there she feels like she is drowning. Then she smiles sweetly and says, “My aspiration in life is to be happy.” I honestly did not expect her to come up with just that after all the thinking she appeared to have done. But she did. I replayed that part several times trying to figure out why she decided to put emphasis on the happiness part. Then it struck me. A bulb literally lit up in my head. You are the key to your own happiness. Only you can make a conscious decision to be happy,other people are just facilitators. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what people or life in general throws your way,you get to decide how you receive and handle it. Whether to brood about it or take a certain action against it,it all lies in your hands. Whether to hate or forgive that person who broke your heart or that person who betrayed you in the worst imaginable way. Only you can filter out the negative energy and create room for positivity. You don’t have to be happy to keep laughing and having that beautiful smile,just do it. It is bound to trigger happiness in you. A classic example of faking it till you make it. You have no idea whose life you get to change and most of all,the good news is you get to look good doing it.


I’m done preaching.




The Eccentric.



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