Kenyatta University Career Week 2017

Kenyatta University Career Week 2017
Kenyatta University Career Week 2017 Poster
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This is an event like no other being awaited by people from all walks of life.

So what really happens during career week.

It is an opportune moment where students interact with potential employers and for the business minded students,they will get inspiring talks from top notch entrepreneurs who started it from scratch.

We have mind blowing public talks that will leave you not only challenged but also fully imparted with soft skills to survive in the current job market.
It is a whole extravaganza of corporate bodies in Kenya and across the world.
*Are you a campus student with pertinent questions about your career?*

This is a great chance to discover your potential,talent and passion. What do you really stand for?What’s your personal brand?

School will be no more for you in the next two months. The big question is…WHAT NEXT???.

Career week will give you a chance to establish worthy networks. Come interact with HR managers to make it easy for you in the interview room. Come and be informed on the critical arsenals to carry with you to the corporate world. Don’t die in depression, career week is here for you.

Don’t be left behind. Aim at creating change in the society.
Because you can.

All these under one roof.
#28th Jan-3rd Feb

Amwayi Kennedy
Head of Marketin


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