*|Just Love Me|*

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I know I’m hurt, and you are too
I know things are tough with me and you
I know I’m torn apart inside
I know I can hurt you with my pride

I know I’m nothing, not even a dime
I know I’m just a blink in time
I know I’m broken, unmendable now
But if you could just try and fix me somehow?

If you could just take my head in your hands
Bestow a nod that understands
If you could take this worn out soul
If you could mend it, make it whole

If I was different, my heart didn’t bleed
If I was free of envy and greed
If I was better, happier and pure
If I was…perhaps you’d like me more?

If I knew the spell to make it all right
If I knew the dreams you dreamed in the night
If I saw the hopes and fears that you see
If I had the locket, held the key

If I was or only I wasn’t so tall
If I was perhaps petite and small, or
If I was lighter, brighter and sweet
If I could put the world at your feet

If only I could fit the mold
If only t’was me you’d want to hold
If only I were younger or old, handsome and free…
Then maybe you could love me?



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