I Have Never Been Humbled This Much By Abuta M. Ogeto

Candle light night K.U
K.U students holding up the candles at the Candle Light event
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Last evening, in what has now gone to record, in personal history, university archives and perhaps, in heavens, as the most inspiring and sincere peace pledge from university students went down. In honor of the departed souls, thousands gathered to affirm their commitment to truthiness to self.

Candle light night K.U 4

With a massive match, and thousands of lit candles, more or less of a pilgrims walk, I never imagined what was just an idea could turn out to be such an impactful and successful event. No wonder the security officers followed us closely, wondering how possible it was on one end, and so alert for it was something they might have thought lowly of, much to their surprise.

In a long time, I had never felt this way. But during this event, I could actually feel that GOD was SOMEWHERE AROUND. No event of such kind could take place without the Grace of God.

Abuta and Team

I am indeed proud of my team. Inspiring as they are, outstandingly dedicated, and undoubtedly intelligent, they made each step worth making. The world owes you an honor.

Special thanks to the straightforward Atieno Oketch, the charming Paul Mwangi, the lively Charity Lopeyok, the intelligent Bamphil Chemphil, the dedicated Mary Mwangi, the supportive Claire Nekesa, a peaceful Gloriah GloLiambila, my hero Don De Black, my ever helpful hand of Don Collins, the inspiring son Abuta Ogeto junior, a genuine Washington Shamela, the outstanding designer Tafari Tha Dopest and of course, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Mugenda, who kept tracking our progress each and every day.

Candle light night K.U 2
At the main gate round about.

Ladies and gentlemen, you made me a happy man, an inspired man. You are my shujaaz. I am gonna make a lovely jig for you.

See you at the dinner.

Abuta Ogeto


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