How To Network Properly Secret Revealed!

How To Network Properly Secret Revealed!
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You have probably been advised more than once that your network determines your net-worth. Therefore you are always expected to know as many people as possible, but how do you go about networking properly?
Where do you get people to network with?
1. Events
2. Public Forums
3. Learning Institutions, Social media,
The first step to networking is recognizing that indeed you need such networks(contacts), because they build you, and make things easy for you. So, have a target e.g of knowing atleast 2 new people daily. Such new people should know what you do, and perhaps how you can work together. When you meet a person at an event for instance, feel free to ask for their business card(by giving them yours) and asking theirs thereafter or literally asking(if you don’t have your cards). Never count anyone to your network if you only gave them your contact, ensure you have theirs. Once you have their contacts, take your time and email them in the evening( most preferably) and appreciate them for sharing with you on a subject in the specific forum. Email is normally the best way, though you could chose to text or call depending on the nature of the person.

Thereafter, you are expected to keep in touch with this person. Once in a while, you can decide to send them email of perhaps a link of an article which can interest them, or maybe a holiday wish or anything just to keep the conversation going.
It is wrong to only contact someone when you need their help. Find creative ways to keep in touch.

1. Feel guilty when the sun is setting without knowing and having contact of atleast two new people.
2. Be the one to start a conversation, failure of response should just trigger you to start another conversation.
3. You can save people’s contacts depending on where they work i.e Writers Guild(Kelvin), that will make your work easy so that if you need someone from Writers Guild, you just search and the names come even if you forgot specific names.
4. Things will be so easy for you, if you know people.

So, do you have a business card? How many new people did you meet yesterday? How many new ones do you plan to meet today??

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