Do Not Despair Remedy Against Hair Loss Exists And The Best Thing Is, It Is Completely Natural! | My Herbal Pleasures

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Did you know the best way to prevent and slow down hair loss was by using a Banana Mask? This easy trick will have your hair loss cut back in no time!
Why Banana?
Bananas contain tons of vitamins and minerals such as silica that dramatically improves hair thickness.
Here’s a great recipe for making this Hair growing Miracle:
Things needed:
2 Bananas.
Six drops of almond oil.
You’re going to start off by mashing the bananas up and adding the almond oil drops to them, and mix well.
Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair generously. Massage it in gently. Once finished cover your head with a towel because this mixture can be quite messy. Let sit for roughly thirty minutes to an hour.m
Finally, wash your hair as you normally would, and rinse well.
This mask is perfect for all sorts of hair whether you have thin, soft hair or thick, coarse hair. You will also notice after use that your hair will become silkier and even feel healthier.


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