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Have you ever admired someone who was just what seemed to be a free-spirit? Did you want to be able to appreciate life the way that person did?

Well, you can. It doesn’t take much to be non conforming with society nowadays. They are often not even considered outcasts anymore. Free-thinkers thrive by being able to embrace chaos with open arms and use disruptive changes to their advantage. These people are not held back or imprisoned behind brick walls, They stand high above, on top of those wall and dominate the way they view the world. Here are somethings you need to understand in order to be well on your way to becoming a free thinker.
1. Creativity is a right
In school students are discouraged away from deviating from the things their superiors see as normal and not allowed to think outside the box. If you realize early on that they are doing this wrongfully and that they have no right to take away your creativity you will go very far in life.
2. Beware group thinking
Don’t get stuck in a group focused on having one thought as a whole, be yourself and think your own thoughts. We tend to wrongfully judge people just to follow the crowd and that is no the right way to go about things at all.
3. Perspective is key
A free-thinker knows that perspective is key in life and a very powerful thing. It changes the way you look at something completely. You as a free-thinker will know that there is always more than one perspective on everything,
4. Knowledge is provisional
As I’m sure you have noticed religious groups and institutional structures resist change with strong force. This is because their view of the world is bases on the premise that what they believe is absolute when it is not. Free-thinkers avoid these kinds of places and organizations because they are aware that we haven’t got the faintest clue about what this universe really has to offer and is about quite yet, but we are well on our way.
5. Popping the time bubble
Free-thinkers recognize that we view the world through the narrative of our time. They are aware that this changes over decades and we are limited to only being able to see the time bubble of our decade. They burst through this.
6. Defying institutional pressures
Free-thinkers are always coming up with new ways to shock society. They will not succumb to the pressures of uniformity and control. They will constantly defy these institutional pressures and go by their rules rather than the norms of society.
7. Perception is to be altered not accepted
Our perception is fixed and limited by our conceptual views of the world. But in reality we can alter and change it. Free-thinkers turn to ancient traditions and try to take in as much knowledge as possible in order to alter their perception and get a good overall view on everyone’s take on life.
8. Kindness is important
Being kind is one of the best traits of a free-thinker. They will not make fun of what you believe at all. They will respect what you think and not show an ounce of rudeness unless provokes. If you give then=m respect that is what you will get in return.


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