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The Mind Unleashed is a conscious news dissemination organization that seeks to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and act as a catalyst for people to discover the limitless potential that exists inside us all. Break free from the mold!

Pouring Life

Pouring Life

"Pouring Life" In learning you will teach and in teaching you learn. Alot of us have gone further in life than we thought we could...
10 Questions You Should Ask To Yourself

10 Questions You Should Ask To Yourself: A Preparation To Self-improvement

Be all you can be, but it's not always in the Army. I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way...
Of Campus and Drugs!!

Of Campus and Drugs!!

And talking of drugs within our fountains of higher education, it only appears how native the jargon is. This is majorly the sole reason...
Who is Cuter: K.U Political Memes

Who is Cuter? K.U Political Memes!

It's without doubt the funniest K.U political memes so far, trust me ~  very few students know how or even what Photoshop is. Kenyatta University...

Why Libraries are Still Extremely Important Despite the Fast Evolving Technology.

Society is not ready to abandon the library, and it probably will never. Libraries can adapt to social and technological changes, but they cannot...

Say Hello To Lucifer | Campus Tale

As long as I've known I have always had unexplained experiences along with my friends, study and career. I'm starting to think this is...
u Feel Compelled To Wear A Flag On Your Facebook Icon?

You Feel Compelled To Wear A Flag On Your Facebook Icon?

Wear your National flag. We are able to understand your struggle in a geographic context. Wear your "Workers of the World Unite !" flag....
Human Price Tag

Price Tag

Price tag – that’s all we’re portrayed to be. The perspective people have of others on the basis of what you have... Not necessarily...
HELB Funds

How to Make Helb Funds To Work for You- KU Ladies

After a long wait for the disbursement of the Helb loans, finally Helb boss just behaved at the beginning of last week. It is...

Jennifer Lawrence World’s Highest Paid Actress

Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games, has been named the world’s highest-paid actress after earning $52m (Ksh5.4b) in the past year. The star, who won...



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