Pouring Life

Pouring Life
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“Pouring Life” In learning you will teach and in teaching you learn.

Alot of us have gone further in life than we thought we could simply because someone else poured life in us…As you get older, you begin to think, about what you would like your legacy to be; what kind of summary u would like written over your tombstone..For some, it would be the sweet smell of success..a big house, a nice car, a fat bank account…For others, it might be the aura of recognition..a talent or skill that so set u apart that when people think of art ,athletics ,music or the hustle they think fondly of you.

Those kinds of legacies, except for rare exceptions, are short-lived. Someone else comes along and because they are alive and you are not, they become the new standard and you gradually fade into the hmmmm!! i think I remember him abit category!

The best legacy is to POUR LIFE into another life at some point in your life, God is going to say to you I have listened and watched you long enough..It is time for YOU to take the land, and it’s time for YOU to give back to others what others have given to YOU.

Mentor them, encourage them, and strengthen them. It is your golden opportunity to leave a legacy..the legacy of a life.


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