Kenyatta University Invitation To Launch Of BLAZE.

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just received the following email this morning, If you are interested, kindly send me your details, name and ID no on my inbox.
Hello sir, we would like  to invite 20 Kenyatta  University students(main campus) for the official launch of Blaze at African Heritage on28th May 2016. The students are required to be aged 18-24 years and be very influential to the campus.

They will be required to gather at the town railway station where they board a train(transportation catered for) to the site . They will be educated about blaze and be encouraged about life, they will also have an opportunity to have fan while on the train and there will be a feast after the launch.
Kindly provide the names in time for printing of their tickets since it is an invites only affair.

I will strictly take the first 20.

Mundalo M Advice : +254702331139


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