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This is the motto of the ongoing alcohol and drug abuse week which most of you have seen the posters and the beautiful charade of comrades with white and blue t-shirts emphasizing the theme. Kenyatta University being among the most populated universities in Kenya has a worrying drug trend as seen in institutions of higher learning across the world with drug use being embraced as the in thing around campus.
 Sad realization of the discontinuation cases on the rise because of drug use in campus is worrying enough and thus need to dedicate a whole week for awareness of this much preventable situation.
Death, long term addiction, academic failure, social reject. I could go on a whole day talking of the effect that drugs have on such young souls. Having survived primary and high school and join campus was a joy to most families but failing to achieve any development from college is a huge disaster to the family, community and the country as a whole. Out of the 44 million people in our country, about 30 million are youths who have the capacity to turn our economy round and bring social and economic betterment of Kenya.
I don’t understand how as students we are given so much to work for and instead the little cash we have on buying that blunt at thirty bob from a peddler who is probably a millionaire living in some very nice apartment in kahawa and has never used the drugs himself. Maybe it’s a shocker to you, their favorite customers, but your supplier is totally clean.
Peddlers are an enemy to comradeship and their welfare- phrase from our very own Stephen Mwadime.
Alcohol and drug abuse was a brilliant week for prevention but as sad as it is the reality is that some students are already addicted or dependent on some of these substances and if you are reading this and know of such a person, NACADA and KUSA are extending show of love by providing rehabilitative services to target the physical urge and mental aspect of drug use. Get in touch with KU wellness center or take a friend. There are implants that counter the urge to seek drugs at only 35000 Kenya shillings and totally catered by NHIF card holders.
Let’s help a friend out and change their destiny to the better and return them to the reality of having a drug free life and also advice others .The dream of having a totally drug free university if we all cooperate. Volunteer, attend the activities, spread the word to your fellow comrades and kick this menace from our institution.
The crème de la crème of our nation is in our campuses and politicians and selfish billionaires are making lump sums robbing us of our value, our dignity, our self worth, our time and most important our future. It’s time to say no to that blunt going for thirty bob and instead buy a ticket to attend comedy night in Harambee Hall or buy mabuyu from that hawker along the corridors.
It’s time for change.



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