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A very strange reason why Luo men beat their wives shortly before Lungula

A very strange reason why Luo men beat their wives shortly before Lungula

In comparison to Kisii men who are the most temperamental creatures of the world, Luo men beat their wives the most. It is surprising. I...

You Want Greatness?! FIRST, Find Love. | Denis Okova

By Denis Okova Nobody wants to be a nobody. Everyone aims to be an achiever. A high achiever. We are aiming for the stars. Greatness...

Why Campus Pregnancies Won’t End Soon

While chastity has been the virtue advocated by our men of the clothe in the society, my comrades have specialized in the direct opposite....
4 Ways to Keep Him Close

4 Ways to Keep Him Close

  It is the dream of every lady to keep their soul mates close to themselves even when their partners are up for grabs by...

How to Be More Patient (and Why It’s Worth It)

Delaying gratification is hard. You have probably seen the adorable videos of kids in Walter Mischel’s classic experiments, in which one marshmallow is placed in...
Why you should consider being the side chick

Why You Should Consider Being the Side Chick

Hardly will most people accept that stolen waters are sweetest. They will try to buy more relevance in the name of ‘’no sharing’’ can...



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