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#CampusIconOnKUFM was the most viewed by majority of the users’ active on twitter yesterday which features a very large number of people in Kenya on Wednesday the 24th.

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Campus icon is a project started by Amos Njeru – KU radio Presenter ,that aims at telling the stories of how they made it in campus. The “they “ in this case are those who went through campus and through the activities they undertook while in school have shaped their lives positively, their life experiences with most guests featured being influential personalities in the social media scene and our country in general.

The premier of the show covered the very charming Esther Kinuthia who runs the blog miss independent and was recently featured in the top 40 under 40 women in Kenya. Esther the humble lady was interviewed by our very own Amos Njeru starting 11 am, the official run time of this show every day for the next couple of weeks.

#CampusIconOnKUFM Trending on twitter.
#CampusIconOnKUFM Trending on twitter.

The premier was a success with it getting to trend on twitter the whole day to an extent it took first position on the trend charts. To those of you who don’t understand the twitter world or trends, the hash tag #CampusIconOnKUFM was the most viewed by majority of the users’ active on twitter yesterday which features a very large number of people in Kenya on Wednesday the 24th.

The success of the show going beyond the KU audience and creating a following across the nation was just the beginning of the journey for the brains behind the #campus icon and the following weeks are promising to be even better with even more guests behind the mic.

Amos Njeru

Amos Njeru - Presenter at 99.9 K.U FM
Amos Njeru – Presenter at 99.9 K.U FM

He is a KU radio presenter with a history in acting – set books & on TV, talent management (founder of Talanta Kenya), event organizing and most notably the humor behind this young man is just inborn and not going under the history section anytime soon.

With just few months in KU radio, the idea behind telling the stories of success was just a thought that culminated on teaming up with a network of influential twitter personalities and finally the TREND came to light.

Also on the list of interviewees by Amos are the likes of DJ Joe Mfalme, Kenzo, Kizo B, Kelele Takatifu, Amos and Josh, Ryan Mule (Brand Manager Samsung Ke.) among others.

Amos & DJ Joe Mfalme outside K.U Radio Studio
Amos & DJ Joe Mfalme outside K.U Radio Studio

Amos is a third year student, B.com finance, sociable, likable and a man with a bright future in radio and entertainment scene. If I were you, I’d keep close watch on this one.

Follow Amos on:

Twitter: @amos_njeru | Facebook: facebook.com/njeru.amos |


Davies Kinanga aka @TopBlogger_KE

Davies Kinanga aka @TopBlogger_KE
Davies Kinanga aka @TopBlogger_KE

David or more commonly known top blogger is one of the most influential twitter personality from KU with a following of almost 10000 followers on twitter and a huge Instagram following of more than 4k+.

For those of you struggling to gain followers on social media, this is the guy to see and emulate. The journey to social media prowess has never been easy for top blogger with his motivation being Maina Kageni whose following in his social sites is enough to make him more money than he gets being a radio show host. This mere fact of being influential in the social world was the perfect motivation for top blogger to get active in online campaigns, competitions and knowing the right people in the business.

A quiet person and a shocker when he introduces himself as TopBlogger_KE a perfect exhibit of the giants behind the scenes but soft spoken in person.

The business of digital marketing and influence is a challenging one like any other job but has its reward ranging from respect in the online world, influence to make things trend and also economic benefits.

He has worked with the likes of: groove awards, gospel hookups, GOTV, Safaricom campus activation, system unit, just to name a few. His advice for those wishing to join the twitter world: be your own boss and never forget whatever you tweet matters.

Follow TopBlogger_KE on:

Twitter: @TopBlogger_KE | Facebook: facebook.com/kinangad | Instagram: topblogger_ke

Now that I have your attention, make a point of tuning to KU radio and listen to the guest: Sleepy David and for tomorrow’s show: Cash Era & Wizzler from the Kaka Empire.



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