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Campus icon is an initiative powered by the K.U Radio Presenter Amos Njeru, Blogger – Victor Mateso Tupu and Social Media Enthusiast Kinanga Davies™ (@TopBlogger_KE).  With the intention of stirring the hearts of other student to utilize the flexibility offered by campus life to nurture their ideas through interviewing different influential personalities.

“ I was in between shows and i made a random poster naming it campus icon, an idea I had just thought about – there being this negative publicity surrounding everything campus , there must be someone with an inspiring story worth sharing on this platform.  Later on when Victor Mateso Tupu and Davis (@TopBlogger_Ke) came in, they thought it was interesting concept. We did toy with it for a while and finally we had it figured out, hence – # ‪#‎CampusIconOnKuFm” shared Amos during our session during his show today.

The show will be aired everyday on 99.9 K.U fm from 11am – 1pm starting tomorrow!

Esther Kinuthia

So the next time umekaa hostel or wherever ukibangaiza, just know that is valuable time you could be spending to make something great. Campus icon on itself came up as a random thought and as Amos shared it with friends it matured to a full swing initiative through there different contribution.

Nothing quit inspires like a tale of great success.

Tune in tomorrow at 11am-1pm only on 99.9 K.U FM to Catch Esther Kinuthia share her “how I made it in campus story”

Follow the movement on twitter with the hashtag ‪#‎CampusIconOnKuFM

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Campus-Stories-254/485390731629169




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