VIDEO: Make It Or Make It – Stitch Feat Chess

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Enjoy and share the video.

Stitch is a student at Kenyatta University where he is studying Film. He started rapping at WAPI. He embraces good music and is the new kid in hip hop, currently the best rapper in Kenyatta University.

You know him as Babgee in local hit television show Machachari,but when he is not gracing your screens,Stitch is making music and not just music but beautiful music!

In the song, he encourages the youth to be the best at what they are and work smart to achieve their dreams. He is teaching and entertaining through his art, which is music.

In the video we see the story of a young artiste working as a mechanic with the hope of making it in life – attending board meetings.

It’s an inspiration to the dreamers that no matter the stumbling blocks they encounter on their way up, with enough effort and determination, they’ll make it.

There is no other option.

The video was done on a minimal budget and used the available resources to make the best out of them.


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