KUSA Master Wisdomist Morara Morara is Dead.

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Creating and spreading rumors is favorite pastime to university students. Some for fun and some to pass their frustration.

To students propaganda and lies are often inseparable. Although, admin are in a position to control the dissemination of evidence, and if an event is embarrassing or damaging the relevant evidence is certain to be distorted or withheld. Earlier today KU Comrades Fraternity took to the Twitter streams and Facebook and asked current and Ex-students about KUSA Master Wisdomist Morara Morara. Here is What Assholes had to say: KUSA Master Wisdomist Morara Morara Is Dead!

The whole platform was filled with Assholes. Every Asshole cleverly disguised insults as jokes about master wisdomist death. However, KU Comrades Forum Admin tacked it strongly and findings were that a certain fake and unknown Facebook account posted a news report with master wisdomist death which was used by rumors to spread nuisances on social media.


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