Prof Olive Mugenda’s Succession Turbulence

‘’It is very unfair and clearly malicious to harass an office bearer when she has almost half a year to complete her term.’’

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Call her the super vice chancellor or rather the V.C with unmatched success tenure in her footage in the lead of Kenyatta University to greater heights of developments and envious success. Professor Olive Mugenda, who is actually the sitting V.C of Kenyatta University, has been on the receiving end of unwarranted prejudices and devious calls for her to leave office six months before the completion of her term.

The duly elected student leaders of the Kenyatta university students association(K.U.S.A) have however, come out to support the vice chancellor in a press conference held in the institution today, adding that wrangles experienced in Prof. Olive Mugenda’s succession, should not, by any chance make rounds in the public domain before 20th march 2016, when she should leave office. The association’s spokesman, Ken Mutua, who is also the secretary general of the association has made it clear that Kenyatta university students won’t take it lightly should anyone attack the institution’s Vice-chancellor with regard to her succession before her service term is terminated.

‘’The Vice-chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda, has held the position of the Vice-chancellor, and she is in her second term which is not yet completed. She is very busy implementing the university’s strategic plan and should be allowed to execute her mandate.’’ The newly elected secretary general of the students’ association said. ‘’It is very unfair and clearly malicious to harass an office bearer when she has almost half a year to complete her term.’’, he lamented amid jeers from other students.

‘’We have read in the press about all kinds of entities pretending to demand appointment of a new Vice-chancellor six months in advance. We wish to categorically state that as the 72,000 students of Kenyatta University, we are the primary stakeholders in this university. Why haven’t these busybodies thought of what we think? Don’t they think we matter?’’ Added the sassy association’s spokesman.                                                                                                                                             Kenyatta University students’ association president Sam Were Were addressed the press about the current VC’s succession wrangles by unquoted individuals which has caused mayhem in learning at the University, saying that only people with devious intention can propagate the ejection of such a dedicated and honorable woman of action at the brink of her session. The KUSA president also briefly talked about corruption in the country and delayed HELB which is also tantamount to corruption. He has put across that comrades have it in mind that the derailing economic times facing the country are the cause to their unpredictable lifestyles at the campus, and argued that campus students are not happy with the current economic state triggered and furnished by corrupt national leaders.


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