Here's How to Apply to Kenyatta University's Newly Launched Online Admission Application.
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Kenyatta University (K.U) has a just launched an online admission application system. In this new system, you are only required to submit your online application form to Kenyatta University along with the application fees. Your request will be sent to K.U admission committee and they will approve your application after successful review of your documents  and admission availability after which you will receive feedback through your email.

Here's How to Apply to Kenyatta University's Newly Launched Online Admission Application.

You are supposed to fill in the form in six steps as indicated in the photo above (personal data, programme,  academic profile, additional data,  declaration and verification,  payment and finish.

 How to apply online to join KU
1. Choose Your Programs

Browse over 300 undergraduate/postgraduate program options. Click on schools, then programs Be sure to explore your options (returning students or current students transferring programs have one choice of program)
2.Check The Requirements

Browse the school you are interested in and click on programs to check on the eligibility criteria.

3. Online Application

Begin your online application by clicking  ‘Start Your Application‘ .

Note: It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari as your web browser when filling out your application as all versions of Internet Explorer are not supported for use with the online application.



4. Application Fee

KES 2000.00 for undergraduate/postgraduate students new to the university
KES 4000.00 for undergraduate/postgraduate students who are non East Africans


5. Check Your Email

After you submit your application you will receive an email with your online application in PDF. It is important for you to check your email account on a regular basis as this is how the university will communicate with information about your application.

Do you want to join Kenyatta University? Apply online HERE!


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