Procedure For Calling Off the Semester at Kenyatta University.

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Are you a student at Kenyatta University and would like to call of the semester?, here you are.

The good thing with campus education is that whenever you are faced by challenges, and feel that you you can’t continue being in session, you can pause your studies and resume later when you are ready.

At Kenyatta University, you achieve this by writing a letter to the Academic Registrar requesting to call of the semester.

The main reason why students call of the semester is either due to lack of school fees or late payment of the same.

However, others call off due to different reasons such as health issues, unpreparedness or personal issues. The bottom line is you need to have a valid reason as to why you want to call off.

That said, here is the procedure you should follow in order to successfully call of the semester. You need to have all your academic details at your fingertips before you start the process.

You are writing an official letter to the Academic registrar and I hope by now you know how to do that. However I will explain.

On the top left of your paper write your name, registration number and post office address. You can also indicate mobile number on this section. Finally indicate the date you write the letter.

Using the preposition ‘To’. Adress your letter to the Kenyatta University – Registrar Academic. Indicate the postal address, town and close.The reference is ‘request for semester call off’.

Finally write your letter. Start by introducing yourself, your admission number, your school and your course.

Explain your reason for calling off the semester and finally inform the administration when you intend to resume your studies. Indicate your mobile number clearly at the very bottom.

After writing your letter, drop it to old Admissions Block room number 12. Make sure your letter is stamped as soon as you hand it over to the receptionist.

Wait for the 2 to 3 days to receive your response. You should receive a response letter from your post office address within one week.

Note: Your request may be granted or not. If your request is not granted, probably you didn’t give a valid reason for calling off.

It means you are still in session as your request was not considered vital. However, most call off requests due to fees arrears successfully go through.

If your request is granted, you can go away and come back at the time indicated on the response letter.


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