Five Thriving Businesses To Start at KM

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Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Well one of the best places to locate your business is near a college or university. That brings us to our target location, a market called KM located just beside Kenyatta University main campus.

The market is known to have a thriving business mechanism especially during the period when students are on sessions before they break for long holidays.

If you happen to roam around KM during the ‘high season’ as they term it, you will come across many business enterprises, some big, others small. Interestingly, the customer traffic is very high during this period.

Most of the businesses in this area are owned by the civilians dwelling in the region while others are owned by students.

In this article, I want us to look at the list of businesses you can start in KM and make some good income out of it.

1. Movies Shop

A movie shop is simply one of the empires you can put up around KM and make a good fortune out of it. It well fits the target group, Students and teens.

Most students spend much of their weekend time watching movies and playing mobile and computer games. Therefore, if you start up a movie store, you can be sure to make some good money out of it.

All you need is to own a computer or laptop, an internet connection and a shelter. For instance if you have a laptop, you can get to the internet and sign up to one of the movies site and download as much movies as you can. Thereafter, you can then sell your movies at a profit.

Most movie shops make more than Ksh 3,000 per day. If you manage to drive a good flow of customers to your shop, your income shall increase and become consistent.

Eventually you will end up making more than Ksh 70,000 per month after deducting the expenses.

2. Fast Foods Cafe

A fast food Cafe is one of the best performing businesses in KM. The main advantage is it’s quick service delivery just as the name suggests.

Types of food you can sell in a fast food hotel include Chips, smokies, sausages, chapati, Fruit juices, and soda. This serves the interest of those who don’t like spending time in hotels taking food.

To start this business you need to secure a shop for your business, have a capital for start up. Most importantly have a constant supply of raw materials.

Select a convenient place where your shop will be visible to potential customers. After you build a strong base for your entity, you can start offering delivery services to reliable buyers.

3.Play Station (Gaming Hub)

As the adage goes, alot of work without play makes Jack a dull boy. This is another lucrative business that you can set up around KM but it requires a rather larger capital.

First you need to purchase the Ps Boxes and screens. Each screen requires its own X-box. Next furnish your room well to make sure your clients have a relaxing feeling when they game at your hub. If they don’t feel comfortable at your place, they will migrate to other places they feel comfortable.

When you have set up your gaming hub, market it by displaying a banner on the entrance or other places that are open for customer view.

Additionally, you can market your business on social media platforms and get some friends to help you with this.

Develop a constant flow of clients and make sure you serve them with dignity. Customer satisfaction should be the major priority for every business entity.

4. Wines and spirits shop

A glass of wine, vinegar or whiskey once in a while isn’t bad at all. If you happen to walk around KM during the weekends, you will come across many comrades enjoying themselves at popular clubs around.

One of the destinations is the popular Dimples club known for selling a Kikuyu traditional drink called Muratina. Others include Basement club and Small villa Alias Kinyumba.

Similarly, there are several wine and spirits shops that sell take away for those holding house parties and birthday parties. Mostly Wines and spirits shops are preferred for their quick service.

However, a wine and spirit shop would be the most ideal for a starter. You just need to get an alcoholic drinks license from the county government and set up your business.

A small stalk would be good for starting up. Slowly grow your base for customers and with time get to a higher level.

5. Cyber Cafe

A cyber Cafe is typically one of the most essential and thriving businesses around KM. The growth of this business is attributed to the large number of students printing assignments, hand out books, projects, dissertations and research papers.

There are two common cyber Cafe in KM, Sam’s Campus solutions and Mwax cyber. These two entities are known to be very reliable when it comes to service to comrades.

No doubt the owners must be reaping big from this venture. Apart from printing, they offer other services such as photocopy, typing, lamination, binding and key cutting.

If you think of starting one, you need two to three desktop computers, a printer, photocopier and an internet connection. You don’t need a lot of stuff, you can start small and eventually grow to a higher level.


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