‘Finally HELB Imeingia!’ Comrades Now Have a Reason to Smile as HELB Loan Stands Disbursed.

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After months of waiting for the HELB loan, Comrades now have a reason to smile as the money is finally paid to their bank accounts.

The loan was disbursed on January 21 after many complains from students. The students have been lamenting about lacking money to pay school fees as well as use for upkeep.

The higher education loans board has consequently sent a notification message to all beneficiaries.

Any student who is a beneficiary of helb loan should check their bank account within 72 hours of receiving the message.

Incase you want to check your bank accounts balance using your mobile phone, you can dial *642#, follow the prompts and you will get notified.

Kenyatta University students had earlier on expressed a feeling of anxiety and disappointment due to the delay witnessed prior to disbursement.

Owing to the fact that the fee deadline for first semester academic year 2020/2021 is on February 5 2021, some students had expressed dismounting fear of calling off the semester.

The student leadership KUSA officials had sleepless nights during the challenging season as comrades have been hovering them asking for help.

There was a threat for comrades to result into industrial action anytime within the course of the month of January.

As you all know, KU is one of those universities known to have an early fee deadline coming barely one month after resumption of classes.

Students have always complained about this issue, agitating for the deadline to be pushed forward but none of the requests has ever been considered.

The student leaders (KUSA) council in its full capacity has always tried to negotiate with the administration about the matter but their advancements have always backfired.

And so it remains since the old days that Kenyatta University has and continues to have an early fee deadline.

Probably it’s because the institution is large and requires a lot of funding to run it’s activities smoothly.

According to a report by Wikipedia, Kenyatta University has a population of more than 70,000 students as of 2016.

Meanwhile, the likes of JKUAT and UON have their fee deadlines dated just two weeks before the main examination for the semester.

Additionally, in some universities like JKUAT, you can as well sit for the final exam without clearing your school fees.

The only disadvantage is that your results shall be withheld until you clear the school fees for that particular semester.

However, comrades can now smile again as their salary has been paid. But before taking to the streets to enjoy the salary, make sure you have paid the school fees to avoid calling off the semester.

Also make sure you have negotiated well with your landlord about your stay during the semester.

KU Comrades Forum takes this opportunity to wish all comrades a happy and fruitful semester.

Remember to keep safe as Covid is real and right here with us on the streets.


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