Kenyatta University Hostels Main Campus List

Kenyatta University Hostels Main Campus List
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Kenyatta University hostels main campus list are accommodated at both Main and Ruiru campuses. At the main campus, accommodation is divided into 3 zones, for administrative purposes: The Eastern Zone, the Western Zone, and the Nyayo Zone.

Eastern Zone Hostels

Hostel Gender
Mfumbiro Hostel Male
Nyandarua Hostel Male
Old Menengai Hostel Male
New Menengai Hostel Male
New Aberdares Hostel Female
Old Aberdares Hostel Female


Western Zone Hostels

The Western Zone lies between the Kenyatta University Conference Centre (KUCC) and the new students Centre. It consists of the following hostels;

Hostel Gender
Ngong Hostel Female
New Ruwenzori Hostel Male
Old Ruwenzori Hostel Female
Usambara Hostel blocks 2 Male
Usambara Hostel block 1 and 3 Female
Longonot Hostel Male
Kilimambogo Hostel Male
Lukenya Hostel Female


Nyayo Zone Hostels

The Nyayo Zone is the most populous. It lies across the railway line along with the school of engineering building and has six hostels namely;

Hostel Gender
Nyayo One Female
Nyayo Two Female
Nyayo Three Male
Nyayo Four Male
Nyayo Flats Male
Nyayo five Male
Nyayo Six Male


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