Kenyatta University Grading System

Kenyatta University Grading System
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Kenyatta University grading system list; ever wondered after the 3 – 6 academic years in Kenyatta University, what basis would be used to grade you?

Below is the system with which Kenyatta University uses to grade and award students their degrees. From first-class honors to fail.

A 70.00 – 100.00 First Class Honours A
B 60.00 – 69.00 Second Class Honours (Upper) A-
C 50.00 – 59.00 Second Class Honours (Lower) B
D 40.00 – 49.00 Pass C
E 0.00 – 39.00 Fail F


Please note that the final grade is a cumulation of all the cats, assignments, lab reports, practicums and exams administered to each student in their course of study in the university.

Kenyatta University grading system for the school of medicine and the school of pharmacy.

In the 2 schools, A grade starts at 75, B at 65, C at 50 and any mark less than 50 is considered as a fail. Also, their degrees are not awarded as 1st class and so on – but instead are listed as either pass or fail. They can, however, be provided with a transcript for those who desire to use it as leverage in the future.

How To Check Your Grades Using Kenyatta University Student’s Portal

  1. Login to the portal:
  2. Go to Academics > Degree Audit as shown on the image above.
  3. On the Degree Audit page, under program details, you should be able to see your SAP Status (Pass/Fail) and GPA. Scroll down to Course List section and click on “View Taken Courses Not Applied” as shown below to check all your individual unit grades.


KU Student Portal Degree Audit Page


It goes without saying studying smart and hard goes a long way in ensuring you attain a remarkable grade at the end of it all. Success to all Kenyatta University students!



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