Just What Are The Roles Of The Opposition in K.U.S.A?!


After the peacefully conducted K.U.S.A elections last month and the successful election of President Were Were with quite the large majority number of people voting him in, Morara Kabenso has on a couple of occasions expressed his intentions in forming an opposition side to ensure that “comrade’s interests are addressed”. This came with both criticism and appreciation with suggestions on how the current office holders should change ways where the previous group had failed. On the other hand, some say it’s failing to concede defeat that has led to Morara’s reaction.

Morara's Comment on Kenyatta University's Faded I.Ds
And so came the important question – just what would be the role of this opposition?
Eelier today Morara posted on Facebook about the nagging issue of faded student’s I.Ds. An issue that has been looming around since last semester with the previous group promising cheaper prices for acquiring the said Identity cards from the administration and as such, they be of better quality to avoid them fading. He offered to help out the K.U.S.A president solve this issue, how? He did not state. This has been met with support from affected students and as should be the president through his personal spokesperson, Ochola K’ochola issued a statement assuring the students that the issue was being looked into and adequate feedback shall be given by 20th November – 10 days from now.

Ochola's Statement on the faded school I.D issue - Just What Are The Roles Of The Opposition in K.U.S.A?!
Ochola’s Statement on the faded school I.D issue – 20th Nove,ber awaits.

And so the wait begins…
And so I ask you, Kenyatta University students – what do you think about Morara’s bold move? And, just what are the roles of this opposition he’d wanted to create?
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