How to Check Kenyatta Uni Fee Balance Via Students Portal

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Checking your students fee balance using the Kenyatta University students’ portal is quite easy and straightforward.

Every Kenyatta University student must pay their fees before the deadline that’s given every beginning of the semester (usually the deadline date is 3 weeks after the opening date).

Failure to which your semester is terminated and you have to wait for when the same courses are being offered.

Please make sure you pay your fees days before the deadline to avoid having to make long ques at the finance office on the said day.

Thanks to the KUSA president, Sam Were Were administration – once you deposit your fee in any of Kenyatta University Bank Account Numbers, the change reflects just 3 hours later!

Unless you have a hold in your portal in which case you have to visit the finance department located in the old administration block.

Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to your portal using this link using your username and password:

Kenyatta University students portal login page2. On the sidebar menu, click fee statement. This should then reveal a fee statement as shown below:

Kenyatta University students portal fee statement page

3. If you haven’t allowed pop-ups on your browser, then you need to allow the KU portal site to load pop-ups as shown in the screenshot below:

Kenyatta University students portal allow popup in google chrome
Kenyatta University students portal allow popup in Google Chrome

Note; the method shown is similar to other browsers too, not just Google Chrome.

4. (Optional for those checking the specific semester fee)

As shown in the screenshot below, you can now check the fee balance. In step one, you can browse through the pages to see different transactions over time (ie fee debits and credits by date since your first year in the university). Step 2 involves checking the fee for the specific semester say 3rd semester in this case, be sure to check the debit column as shown by step 3. This shows the amount owed to the school.

Kenyatta University students portal fee balance

5. Skip to step 4 as shown in the screenshot directly above, this shows your fees balance. Note; if there is a negative (-) sign before the amount then this means you have an overpayment of the stated amount.

That’s it! Simple right?

Incase you come across any issues leave a comment below and I’ll see how I can help.


  1. Hi im Edwin Njagi a second year student and i recently paid my fees about 3 days ago but i still have a hold…. I thought it was supposed to disappear once i have deposited the fees….

  2. Does hold hinder one from applying for graduation?I have completed my studies from city campus ,but my portal has a hold .Can i still go ahead and apply for graduation?

  3. Am Wanjala Stephen. Of dsvol.7965/2016.can’t register my subjects.can’t enter students Kusoma is empty. Have cleared fees.what might be wrong or have I been locked out of KU.pls advice


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